These rules apply across the entirety of the Wiki, and most apply to our Discord server. Any violations will receive a warning, and any repeated violations afterwards will result in a temporary/permanent ban.


  • Be kind and respectful to all.
  • Trolls are not tolerated; they will be immediately blocked upon contact.
  • Harassment in any shape, way, or form is not tolerated. If you are aware that any actions of yours make someone uncomfortable, stop behaving in that way. If a staff member is informed that you are purposefully making others uncomfortable/hurt, you will be banned without warning.
  • Homophobia, transphobia, racism, etc. is NOT tolerated.
  • Do not mini-mod. We have staff members for a reason, and it is not appreciated if you behave as if you're a staff member without any rights.
  • NSFW is not allowed.
  • Do not spam, create spam pages, etc.
  • To be added onto, I guess.


  • Outright swearing on the Wiki isn't allowed. Abbreviated and censored swearing is fine in moderation though.
  • Avoid using slurs/offensive terms on the Wiki.
  • Primarily, everything will be English here. Please do not use languages other than English on this site.